Her-story—Roots, where it began…

I’m Angela and I’ve my roots in Switzerland.

During my childhood, my teens and 20ties I’d tried different things—out of my natural curiousness. It didn’t matter if it was in knowledge, hobbies, jobs, sports. It’s become a colourful mix, which formed more and more of a picture.

What always stayed and still stays within me is a sense of roots, from where I’m, and wings, to grow and expand. Keep a balance.

I deepened my knowledge in different corporate jobs as a commercial clerk, assistant, in some project work, events planning, marketing and communication. The companies I could gather my experiences range from the governmental to private sector, national to international. It lead me to work with colleagues worldwide.

An other part of myself has always been a free spirit. Whenever I got the change to spread my wings I did. They have taken me on an adventurous journey since 2013.

Let's journey together.

Where did my wings take me?

I dipped my feet into Yoga for the first time in 2013.

One of my Yoga Teachers in Zurich, guided us through a mix between Hatha Yoga and Slow Vinyasa Flow. It became soon one of my sanctuaries, where I could calm down and breathe between my every day life.

In June 2016, my wings took me once more to Bali. From then on I’ve stepped more and more into my growth’s and heart’s path to live a balanced, sustainable, wholistic life.

An in-depth journey… body, mind, emotions, energies…

It hasn’t been an outside journey it was rather an inside journey. Layers by layers were peeled like an onion—and they still peel. The teachings I received lead me to explore my body, mind, emotions and energies.

Bali Spirit

I was fortunate to embody and immerse deeper into Yoga and its Philosophie through teachings at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali.

Furthermore, I completed a 200hr Holistic Yoga Therapist Training developed by Thai Vedic Yoga. We learnt the fundamental teachings of Ayurveda, the use of Yoga as a tool to balance the body and a Bodywork (Thai Yoga Massage) sequence to soothe the nervous system.

My journey guided me deeper into my energies, where we gathered knowledge in a Chakra Healing Workshop.

Added to the mix and my curiousness I joined different Yoga styles such as Acro Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga. They all gave me a wider variation in my own Yoga practice.

Suddenly, the original “planned” two months turned into fourteen months on the island of the Gods. Bali it’d been such a rich experience. In living there and experiencing it fully—the people, culture, land and lifestyle—it has taken me in and it’ll always have a place in my heart.

Travel Spirit

What I’d learnt I integrated in my every day life. I used my body as an experimental tool—practiced and keep on practicing.

It brought me to teach Community Yoga, co-create workshops with friends such as an «Urban Yoga Balance» in Shanghai, a Charity Ayurveda Thai Yoga Massage Workshop in Hong Kong and an Interactive-Yoga-Dance Workshop in Koh Phangan, have 1-on-1 Sessions in Wholistic Coaching, Yoga Therapy and Bodywork.

Portugal Grounding

An inner call told me to go back to Switzerland and spent Christmas with my family. I needed a sense of grounding. Breath. Be. Enjoy from where I’m—my family and my roots.

Re-align. There was this tiny nagging voice within, who told me: “Go. Go to Portugal.”

I’ve never been to Portugal once, not even for a visit. I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know much about the culture, land and lifestyle.

After a slight push I spread my wings again. I’ve been living in Portugal for a few months now and I feel drawn to this country. It has welcomed me with open arms in so many ways. I found a place to work and integrate what I love, friendships, a community to strive. A place to stay.

Who am I in my every day life?

I’m an ordinary woman, who seeks calmness and balance in her life.

A woman, who…

… is rooted and spread her wings;

… is intuitive, compassionate, big-hearted;

… is calm, open-minded;

… loves to get to know people and listen to their-story—talks from the soul;

… takes in different perspectives, in-depths;

… has developed a love in Yoga, Nature, Travel, Dance, Music, Healing of all kinds.

I currently work as a Guest Host and Yoga Teacher in an Ayurveda Hotel based in Sri Lanka. I'm happy to be here experience it fully and enrich myself with practical knowledge in Ayurveda, Yoga and so much more.

All to pursue my life’s intention to live a balanced, sustainable, wholistic life.

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.” ~ Dalai Lama


I’m deeply humbled by my supportive family and friends and all the teachers, who have come into my life. Everyone has enriched and formed me into the person, who I am now. I wouldn’t be here without them. Here, I offer to share a tiny fraction of the waste teachings I’ve received. A tiny fraction I love to offer you. An offer to be in balance with yourself.



PS: Do you like to know more? What do I do? Read on and Let's journey together.